A Testimony - Shoulder Taps
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From: David
Date: Friday, June 01, 2018 7:15 PM
Subject: A Testimony - Shoulder Taps
Coach Bill Hart speaking: Shoulder Taps. So Toni and I are having lunch, at a lunch at California Pizza Kitchen the other day, across from us I noticed this elderly woman sit down, she is dressed nicely, and she is at a large table by herself. For about five minutes, then what appears to be her daughter sat down, and two or three grand kids sat down and they all look spectacular, ready for a nice meal obviously. About that time a voice in my head starts saying to me you need to go tell her how pretty she looks. I don't even know if were eating at this point or not but the food arrives, the check arrives and we are going to go down the walkway a little in this strip center and look for something, that's the next thing were going to move to, so Toni stands up I don't tell her any of this, and on my way out I just kneel down and I kind of get into this position where I am at her level, and she is in her chair, I said if nobody else has told you today I just want you to hear from me how lovely you are. And she looks at me with a look I have never seen before and says I know you. I said no we don't know each other. She said I know your spirit and it gets very quiet between us, and she says my husband died a year ago, and that is something he would have said to me. At that moment I can't talk. I can't talk, I am overcome by emotion, and I just hug her and smile at her through tears, and I leave.

But here's what I know, and here's the reason I am telling you this, I believe God taps us on the shoulders, and uses us at just the right moment. And what I know for sure is that she was blessed and I was enormously blessed. So I have learned in my life to listen to these shoulder taps, because they do happen, and I believe the more that we listen to them, the more in alignment we are with God, and that is an awesome place to be. Shoulder Taps.

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