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From: David
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 10:57 PM
Subject: Court
I went with a friend to court. We waited all morning for her case to be called. The Case had gone on for a year and a half it was all a misunderstanding of a mentally ill person. I then prayed after the break and asked my minister friend Carol Ann in Heaven and God for a full dismissal of the case.

The judge came back after the break and looked at my friend's case again and apologized to her for not being there when the case first came in, and said had she seen it originally she would have dismissed it. Then she said to the surprise of all in the court room, CASE DISMISSED. My friend would not have to pay a fine. or attend domestic violence classes, all charges were miraculously dropped.

I am so glad to have friends in high places. Smile.

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