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From: David
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 11:26 AM
Subject: Grandma
My grandmother had been sleeping for several days at her home. As her family members we were all concerned about her. I was leaving school one afternoon around that time, and found a note from my mom on my bike that said my cousin was in town and to come over to my grandparents house after school. As I rode my bike over to their house, I knew my grandmother had died. My mother met me a the breezeway door of their house. I told her my cousin had not come, and that I knew grandma had died. She said startled how did you know that? I told her I just did.

My mom said we needed to go into my grandmothers room now and to say goodbye to her, but that I would see her again one day. As I came into the dark bedroom where my grandmother was, the room was lit up by hundreds of electrical lights that danced above us filling the ceiling. It was the essence of my grandmother. It was truly amazing. My mom said to go over to the bed and kiss my grandmother goodbye on the cheek, so I did. The dancing lights stopped soon after I that. I believe my grandmother waited for me to see her again before she left for Heaven.

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