Happy new year everyone !!
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From: Holly
Date: Monday, January 01, 2018 4:50 PM
Subject: Happy new year everyone !!
I pop in and out of the forum every once in awhile. My first loss was in 2007 and next 2009. Both were bashing blows that were never fully recovered from. I am amazed at how easily some people can pick up the pieces and roll along. I still look for the hope of an afterlife. I have had many messages that cannot be disputed. However, it doesn't take the pain away from the loss. I even found myself crying today even after all this time. I'll never see their beautiful smiles or feel their hand. I wait for the next afterlife movie or search youtube for new videos thinking a new mode of proof has been uncovered. I feel like I've seen everything.
I wish everyone a peaceful new year and many ADCs

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