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From: Robin
Date: Sunday, December 24, 2017 9:26 PM
Subject: season's greetings to all

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the posters who contribute to this wonderful Board. Untold countless blessings have been bestowed on us through the help and support the posters so unselfishly offer. When I was posting over a decade ago, one of the posters, also an NYC native whose Mom had also passed, has since become my best friend, or should I say, i have finally found my best friend, through this Board, and the help of our Moms. If you are somewhat of a skeptic, then please, read on.

Without the Guggenheims, none of this would have been made possible. My deep gratitude to you.

It has been over a dozen years now since my wonderful Mom passed in 2005 and my beloved Dad passed in 1974 when I was aged 19. I wish to share with you now a life changing ADC I had in 2006, 3 weeks before the first anniversary of my Mom's passing.

First, I was still very much in grief at the time. As mentioned, I am a transplanted native of NYC, and as a child had fears that Heaven might be something like missing a train in Grand Central-- timing is everything. If you miss the right train, the next train you catch may not have the same passengers that will take you to your final destination, or take you to a different place. In other words, I was obsessed with the fear that my parents may be 'stuck' in different destinations in Heaven, never to connect.

As a result, I suffered clinical anxiety attacks with intense heart palpitations several times a day. I felt there was no hope for me in getting this issue resolved.

One Saturday evening in January of 2006, in my desperation I put a prayer out to the Universe for help. It was the most desperate cry I have ever uttered. I fell asleep.

My next conscious thought was in a beautiful summer scene; I was in it....The sky was a beautful azure blue and cloudless The landscape included beds of beautiful white orchids that seemed to convey unconditional love. I felt a peace within and without to a degree i had never experienced.

I stood at the foot of a huge gothic limestone building, There, descending its many steps was a dear friend of my parents who I recognized immediately as he approched. He looked ageless. He had passed from a long illness in the year 2000 at the age of 80. I knew this (was perfectly cognizant of this fact) as he approached me.

Please know I had not seen this dear friend of my parents since I was in 5th grade--- 1964. Therefore, the friend was not high in the repetoire of my expected psychological responses-- but there he was, and although I knew he had passed, and wondered what my status was, fear was the last thing I felt.

He was about 9 feet, or 9 steps away from me when he said to me, 'Your parents sent me."

Let me repeat that, he told me, 'YOUR PARENTS SENT ME". He said, "Sit down. We have a lot to go over.'

He carried a slim brown portfolio with him which was about 10 by 12 and looked like leather, that I believe, by intuition only, was a file which contained notes on me-- my life, and the issues he was going to discuss.

This dear friend of my parents was an Actor in this life. He had a very distinctive NY accent, and it was perfectly heard during the visitation-- when he chose to use it, rather than telepathy.

(Additionially, he was quite tall, about 6'2, and I didn't recall him as tall from my childhood, and assumed from memory he was average height). I have since had the 6'2 confirmed from many sources who remember him, one of them being my best friend who I met on this Board. She had a converstion with him in a Fifth Avenue department store in 1974.

Also, please know that i had lost the power of speech during our visitation, and that, probably was at the request of Mom and Dad, who knew i would talk his ear off with trivia, especially the question that loomed large in my mind but was left unsaid, 'Where did you live when you lived in NYC?" (He had left NYC to relocate to California about 1967).

After he had communicated several messages to me on the steps of this grand, gothic building, the next scene I was instantaneously 'transported' to was an old luncheon counter on the Upper West Side in NYC, a favorite childhood hang out, that made the best peanut butter sandwiches and hot fudge sundaes....on earth (LOL!)...last time i was there was 1965. It closed in 1966.

There, I was sitting at the lunch counter, (and, if you'll excuse the expression, there was not a soul in the place except my parents' friend) looking out that familiar window, and i saw the all too familiar shadows on the buildings across the street circa 1964, as if i were THERE. The buildings across the street were demolished in 1989. I tell all of you, I was back in the day. (Life is infinite, can we not step back into the circle of infinity or anywhere in a space in infinity?)

Then, by telepathy again, my parents' friend asked me, 'What is it you wanted most out of this life?" I replied, by telepathy, "I wanted to marry so and so...he's from out in Westchester, and have a family....'

I looked at him my parents' friend, and he had a knowing look on his face, neither approving nor disapproving. However, I knew by intuition, that he knew much more than I about this fellow from Westcheser and why it didn't work out than I ever would. My parents' friend was prepared (he had done his homework).

How did I know it? Because my parents' friend was now existing in a higher consciousness-- that's the only way i can explain it.

The dream was in VIVID color. I have never had such a dream in any way, shape or form with such succinct communication either before or since.

The next recollection i have is when i woke up the next morning. I jotted down everything in a fury; in a fugue state, while all was fresh...and after 12 years, it is as fresh in my mind as when it happened.

I also jotted down a street location (street and cross street) on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that, somehow was 'there' in my mind.

Here are a few of the messages from the visitation.

I believe these are UNIVERSAL TRUTHS that I am MEANT TO SHARE WITH YOU, which is just as much the purpose for my visitation as its specific application to my life events

1. It is our Highest Calling to always set the best example. No mater how compromised the situation, we are to rise above all iniquites, injustices travesties-- and forgive all, and let go.

2. There is nothing one can humanly do to stop 'what we will call 'the inevitable'. It is all pre-destined AND BEYOND OUR CONTROL....(the leaving of this realm of life).....

Three weeks later a crisis appeared out of nowhere at my place of employment. I applied Truth #1. I KNEW WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL, AS THIS VISITATION PROVED I WAS BEING WATCHED OVER BY MY PARENTS while defending myself at work (compromised situation) about a claim made by my supervisor who had grossly misrepresented the truth about my hours and integrity on the job, making a play to tarnish my character.

Miraculously, her claim was thrown out and I retained my position. BTW, the supervisor was let go over another issue with other employees within the next year.

About the boyfriend: In 2015 after putting another cry out to the Universe, I was mysteriously led through a series of sources, web sites and images to learn this man has led a life far below his potential. Years of 'riotous living' have taken their toll. Sadly, he has no children. He never settled down.

BTW - Three months after my visitation, my Sister found an old address book of Dad's. The friend's address matched the street location I had jotted down the morning after.

I wish you peace, love, joy, and a very Happy New Year.

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