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From: ScottishStu
Date: Saturday, December 02, 2017 5:21 PM
Subject: adc?
Hi, I told this to a person i realllllly respect at my local spiritualist church tonight and he said it was me doing astral travel.

Astral Travel and ADC one and the same?.

Amyway,Here is what i dreamt. . .

I was walking up these steps with Rocky Balboa..think of the run down kinda place where rocky lived in the first film..

He knocks on the door and Adrian opens the door and says "There Here".

So i walk into this small plush library type of room which has this big plush leather chair and i can tell someone is sitting in it...

So i walk round to see and as im walking round....the person stands up out the chair and is "L" the lady who was in the same nursing home as my mum and passed over a year before and i adored her,she was great with my mum and said "OH L!",she smiled and i started weeping happy tears and we hugged.

Then i woke up.

Thoughts Please?.

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