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From: ISOH
Date: Saturday, September 30, 2017 5:37 AM
To: Denise
Subject: Re: Feathers
"Feathers" was a code word my boyfriend that suicides used often when we were texting since he shared a phone with his grandma that tended to be nosy.

It is almost an ADC to come here and see it at the top of the page.

I've received many nice physical feathers too. When I first started dating my current partner, we took a trip to India. A huge feather (the largest I'd ever seen) was in my path.

Also, late night my late bf and I would go to the gas station and get junk food, buy a lotto ticket, silly fun. I missed our trips so much when he was gone. I finally went back and found a huge feather there.

I definitely believe feathers are a sign. I've found tiny ones in unusual places, etc.

My ADC's have calmed down considerably. He died early June 2012. Starting in August of 2012 I received near daily ADC's. They stopped occurring regularly around 2014, but ever so often I will get one. I miss him greatly. Think of him daily. Somehow I feel he has found peace and that comforts me even though, of course, I wish he'd visit more.

I was 28 when he died. I don't know if the ADC's continued so regularly if I would have started dating again. It's hard to say. I remember asking him "How long will you be able to contact me?) And in my head I heard him say: "until the next guy comes along." A m----- said the same thing without me telling her what I had heard in my head.

My current partner wouldn't mind at all if I received daily or regular ADC's. He thinks they're interesting and had one himself as a kid in a Cancer hospital battling lymphoma.

I do so appreciate when my loved ones sends an ADC's. I see my grandmother in dreams semi-regularly. I think often of the Spring of 2012 how I would sit in the porch then with my Grandmother and late boyfriend and what genuine happiness I felt. They are among my most treasured memories. Simple, but amazing times.

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