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From: Denise
Date: Sunday, September 03, 2017 11:38 AM
Subject: Dads angelversary tomorrow! Need support pls
Hello Adc family

As some of you may recall Labor Day was the day my dad past away early in the morning around 7:15.... so tomorrow's the anniversary of his passing on to greater things however still knowing that it hurts and feel very sad missing him... I felt like an idiot because the other night my daughter called me I could hear she was upset and asked her what was wrong "nothing" was her reply.. I tell her babes I'm your mom and I can hear something's wrong.. I ask her and she denies again, around we go once more me reassuring her whatever's wrong she can tell me ( and that I know something's up).. finally she rust in tears and asked isn't Monday the day Pa died?? We talked some and I suggested we could spend sometime either today or tomorrow having a special sacred time maybe go to the beach, having him in thought and share our favorite memory of him.. she sounded really torn up and said she didn't know because it hurts her thinking about it...

After she called me I was driving home and in my mind I audibly hear my dad's voice simply say "just be careful "-- I think I know what he might've been referring to

Over the past month especially the first two weeks of August there seemed like a lot of activity like light being turned on, another time woke up to find a light on over the desk that I never *never* use

Anyways I want to just remember him here what better place
It's been five years dad.... we love and miss you very much thanks for all you did over the years and your great energy and of course amazing cooking.. your tenor singing voice we all loved hearing you sing Amazing Grace, how great thou art and pearly shells

Xoxo Much aloha


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