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From: CATH
Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017 7:15 PM
Subject: Signs of the Day
Hi Everyone Had some awesome signs yesterday! While in a friend s car yesterday we were chatting about Broken hearts and Pete...and there smack bang in the middle of town..a Black Hearse! I said to my buddy."Speak of the Devil!"
I was chatting to my friend who is also going through the wringer..I was thinking of joining a Nunnery lol Then at night Watch English Keeping up appearances,a UK 1980's 90's show, which I haven't watched in ages. When our oldest was born, we were in Hospital it was Easter and no one there but us. We watched Keeping up Appearances it was SO funny... Yesterday the story lines.. There was a black hearse there for a character s funeral ! Rose(which is my Mum's name) She was dressed in raunchy black and going to join a Nunnery! Also a character who was a Greek Shipping Millionaire.. that linked us back to a previous employer who is a Greek Shipping millionaire. These signs are getting incredible!
How are everyone's signs going?

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