Amazing ADC from grandpa! :)
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From: STM
Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 4:11 PM
Subject: Amazing ADC from grandpa! :)
Monday June 12th was my grandpa's birthday. He passed away in 96 (over 20 years ago).

My mom was having a bit of a rough day as she was missing him, naturally.

Lately my mom has been seeing lighthouses as a symbol for a new business venture she wants to go into and she also wants to name the business "lighthouse".

The night of grandpas birthday I sent a prayer request for him to give her a surefire sign that he was with her.

Prayer was answered!

The next morning my mom woke up and yelled my name from the other room, she held up her phone and her wallpaper was a lighthouse!!! She was questioning if it was me who changed her wallpaper but I had just woken up.

We both had goosebumps all over our arms.

My mom was of course thrilled!

She then plugged her phone back in. A few hours later my dad had gotten home and she wanted to show him the photo.

This is what makes it even more amazing to me... the photo had changed back to her original wallpaper, the lighthouse had disappeared.


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