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From: Pat
Date: Thursday, June 01, 2017 8:31 PM
Subject: Another nice Happening...
It's 1986...I come home from work and start the usual straightening up... laundry and get kids start to wander in one by one. I get the mail and I see a notice from my bank...ut oh I know what this is...I open it and find out that I am overdrawn in my account by $144.00 I have overdraft protection but still they notify you anyway. A little while later the phone rings and my youngest son who was 10 at the time answers it...He calls me to the phone and with his hand covering the mouthpiece says, "It's some guy looking for Grandma." I grab the phone and ask what this is all mother died a year ago...he says he knows that and he is from the Hospital and that her Insurance company overpaid and they are looking for me to send the check to...well I was also her Beneficiary so the check would be mailed to me. To my surprise when the check came a week or so later I almost fell to the floor...the check was for $144.00!!!!! I being a believer in ADC's and all that was still so shocked and happy that my mother came through after a year of her passing! I looked up and said, "Thanks Mom".

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