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From: Donnie's Carole
Date: Sunday, January 08, 2017 9:06 AM
Subject: signs
I had an unusual sign last night, that was so unique to Donnie. First a little back ground leading to the sign. When Donnie was a little boy he would sing (Silent Night) and he would get the words wrong. He would sing (Brown young virgin) instead of (round yon virgin). Well last night I asked him for a sign as I was feeling depressed, then I felt the urge to watch a movie called "Love The Coopers". In a scene with John Goodman driving , and singing, He started singing Silent night, and he sang the words( Brown young virgin) . I sat straight up in the bed when I heard this, and knew it was a direct sign from Donnie that he was there watching the movie with me. Some of our signs are so unique to only us.

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