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From: Snapdragon
Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 3:11 PM
Subject: Prayers Please
Dear Friends,

May I please ask again for your prayers? I will be resigning my position tomorrow and I am needing your virtual hugs. It has become a place where morality is last in decision making, it has affected my health, most recently during my mother's health emergency, it has become clear that there is no compassion and flexibility on caregivers. I am Canadian, and although we have laws protecting against this, and even though I am in the Human Resources profession as a senior advisor and know these laws and my rights, I can see that there is no possibility of change and can no longer tolerate this declining situation.

I am giving myself one year to follow a dream I had of writing. I am also giving myself the year to work on healing, even though, it has been almost ten years since the physical death of my Dad, the experience has taken its toll on my mother and I. As many of you know, we've both had recent health scares, her with her gallbladder and me with a virus that attacked my vestibular system. That experience has brought us closer together and I want to use it to help us grow stronger. This, I know I will not regret- seeking ways of discovering happiness again, simple smiles, ordinary moments wait for us, and I can't wait to begin that adventure of spiritual healing. We deserve it, after so much sadness.

I am not sure if these are ADCs but as I was preparing to leave- i.e. securing health benefits for when my employee benefits conclude, there were letters of significance in correspondence I received- my quote confirmation number began with the letters BYE, and ended with I Do; my policy number had three sevens (significant for me) and the initials FM in it- my parent's initials. I have never received answers when I ask for them, but when I decide, it is then that I receive some sort of cosmic confirmation.

In my year off, I want to release the book that is breathing inside me, I want to nurture my mom and make her feel special, loved, and safe (she has not felt that way since my Dad went back Home; neither have I, for that matter) and I want to regain my health as it has suffered greatly in these last ten years of not looking after myself when my mom was first and work was second. This will be a year of rebuilding.

I don't know if I this is right, but I know that God will keep me in the palm of His hand and I know that He has bigger dreams for me than working at a place that has stopped every ability I have of helping anyone. I have worked out my budget and I am safe, and I am also able to continue to help the Third World kids I sponsor, which is very important to me as I don't want them to suffer because of my decision.

Thank you friends for your prayers- you are all in my prayers as well and if you would like me to pray for one of your specific intentions, please let me know it in a reply. My Dad, I know, prays for us and I will ask him to request from his heavenly friends an answer to your intentions and peace of heart for you as well.

Brightest Blessings with all of my heart,

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