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From: Teresa
Date: Friday, April 08, 2016 8:40 AM
To: Pepper
Subject: Re: Grieving
Dear (((Pepper)))

So very sorry for the loss of your son. He is alive and well right now, just in spirit form.

I know you wish to hear from him, and you may already be getting messages from him. Please read the book "Hello from Heaven" by Bill Guggenheim, and also read on this website to learn about ADC's (After Death Communications.) It's like we're learning a new method of communicating, and we need to learn "How."

Click on the left side of this page on "About This Site." Then Click on "What is an ADC?" and "Sample ADC's." Once you know what to look for, you may realize your son has already begun letting you know he is just fine on the Other Side.

Blessings, and may you find peace.



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