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Hello From Heaven!
Terminal Illness
Spiritual Growth
A Course in Miracles
Hello From Heaven! by Bill and Judy Guggenheim, book about after-death communication - ADC experiences, death and dying, grief, bereavement, life after death, and afterlife.
The Prophet
The Prophet
Kahlil Gibran (Author)
A brilliant man's philosophy on love, marriage, children, joy and sorrow, work, friendship and much more. Originally published in 1923, it has been translated into more than 20 languages. This mystical book is one of the most beloved classics of our time and is cherished by millions of readers around the world. (United States)  
Jesus the Son of Man
Jesus the Son of Man
His Words and His Deeds As Told and Recorded by Those Who Knew Him
Kahlil Gibran (Author)
Jesus is portrayed through the words of seventy-seven contemporaries who knew him--enemies and friends; Syrians, Romans, Jews, Greeks, and Persians; priests, courtesans, publicans, and poets. This extraordinary book, which has been referred to as "The Fifth Gospel," is a fascinating study in perception. (United States)  
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