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Hello From Heaven!
Terminal Illness
Spiritual Growth
A Course in Miracles
Hello From Heaven! by Bill and Judy Guggenheim, book about after-death communication - ADC experiences, death and dying, grief, bereavement, life after death, and afterlife.
Alzheimer's Angels
Alzheimer's Angels
A Compilation of Poetry Honoring Caregivers and Victims of Alzheimer's Disease
Dorothy Womack (Author)
"Alzheimer's Angels" is a compilation of poetry honoring the caregivers and victims of this cruel disease. These poems reflect the true stories and spirit not only of Dorothy's own mother, but countless others who have braved the same journey. It is Dorothy's sincere hope that something in these words will speak comfort and hope to your own hurting heart. (United States)  
Passage Into Paradise
Passage Into Paradise
The True Story of My Own Mother's Struggle with Alzheimer's Disease
Dorothy Womack (Author)
Author, Dorothy Womack, says: "Passage Into Paradise tells the true story of my own mother's struggle with Alzheimers. It also depicts the collapse and recovery of me, the caregiver. This book contains articles also which will instruct, help and comfort those who are dealing with this disease today." (United States)  
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