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From: Lysa Maria
Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 7:33 PM
To: Natasha Wanderly
Subject: Re: contact for Urgent effective loveSpel
My husband left me and he is already having an affair with another woman he met, been hanging out with her for months. She is also married with two kids of her own. They planned to move in together but she basically spend every night with him at his motel he stays until they can get their own place. My husband has no license, therefore i have to give him a ride to and fro to work everyday Because his new "gf" still gives her husband ride to, they work together. When my husband came around me, he acted like we're cool and we should just talk like nothing is going on. He completely ignores me every time i talked about our marriage, he never gives me a straight answer other than its been over for long time, we were still very much having sex at least two to three times every 2 months. We got into a fight one night and the next thing he did was to moved out our house and moved into a hotel, instantly this married woman was there with him every night and they basically been talking through fb. Out of jealousy and so much pain inside me i had to go on a personal research how i can get my husband back into our marriage again. But i was recommended to a genius spell man, Doc Muna by name marvelspelltemple@gmail. com was his email ID. This man told me everything i needs to know and everything i needs to do. i attended to them and right now my husband is back home and we just had a romantic sex and he keep saying i love you to me every day and night and never to let go of me no more..

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