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From: Denise
Date: Thursday, February 14, 2019 11:44 AM
Subject: Angel dog
When I was little my father took me to pick out my first dog, I remember it was a Saturday and walking excitedly around looking in the kennels, I saw a bunch of dogs but can only recall seeing the one. He saw me tail wagging and wagging jumping up, with his beagle paws on the bars with big saucer eyes of love saying come on pick me as his ears and a goofy soggy grin! I ran up and was talking to him him all wiggling eagerly bursting at the seams! I immoderately went looking for my dad, “dad, dad! I saw the one I want!” Next thing we’re driving home with mr jumpy wiggly lathering me with kisses a bundle of pure love.
He was my instant best friend, a kind of angel he just hid his wings, brought me more joy than I can explain in the short time I had him before he jumped the fence, he was half Dalmatian so had long legs that apparently had springs on his feet and my dad had been quickly working a couple months after we brought him home to make the fence higher, when he managed to jump and run into the street- the only thing that thank God I wasn’t there to see that, but i still feel a pain in my chest when I remember my sister coming in the house telling me he got hit by a car. My dad told me not to come out and wait inside, I cried and screamed and pounded my fist on the wall asking God why, it was too late- and I was left crushed and angry at God why. Over the years he has remained number one in my heart as The One- I love animals a lot but to this day he’s the one and sometimes he came to me a few times.
The other day I was walking outside a mall and a woman was walking behind me with a dog who looked calm and well behaved, as she came behind me her dog suddenly acted like my Corky my first dog- her dog jumped on me from behind and tail wagging and wiggling looked at me with a doggy smile his paws on my side. She was surprised and apologized and said he never does that, I said it’s perefectly fine he’s a joy and as she walked him off he turned looking at me and I saw some guy look he had seen it and just noticed. I wonder if it was my angel doggy wanting to connect with me and send his ever wiggly love bug love. I love you Corky so be ready one day when I get there first thing I’ll do is run up to you and look forward to your jumpy wiggly tail wagging pure love! Thanks for the priceless presence you gave me I hope you know how very much I love you baby!

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