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From: ana
Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2019 2:20 PM
Subject: mom in law necklace
Would this qualify as an ADC? I have not been on your board for many years and yet felt compelled to share this.Things at times are tight for us.My husband is retired due to health and I at 63 work at home.This has been a very costly year so far.Car needed tires,Starter went on car,new furnace and other unforeseen expenses.When my mom in law passed I was left a beautiful n ecklace with a large diamond pendant.A lovely piece but not something I would wear with frequency.About almost 10 years ago I t was lost to us.We thought perhaps it had been stolen.Meanwhile life went on. Two weeks ago I had the need to clean and organize the closet of my husbands office.This is not typical of me.Dragged everything out of the closet into the office and began purging the garbage.I decided to move a big wooden box to scrub the floor underneath,yep there was the piece of jewelry.How it got there we dont know.The end of it was that we did not have the money to pay our house taxes.Did not know what we would do.Weelll we took the piece to the original jeweler that had fashioned it and received a fair price which was exactly what we needed.It was hard to see it go and then it became easy when we remembered how happy were my husbands parents when they made it possible for us to buy the family home.They could not keep it anymore because of health concerns.They were very practical.We felt as if they were still taking care of us.Yes kids we know this was a special piece yet we want you to use it to secure the house.What good does it do to have a fine piece and not have your home. Thank you evreyone

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