I need your help again
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From: Leslie
Date: Sunday, January 27, 2019 9:26 PM
Subject: I need your help again
Hello everyone. First before anything I want to thank everyone that kept this board up for years. Thank you. Without out you all i don't know where I would be right now. THANK YOU! So here I am again running to you all for help and answers. You all are the first I ask because here is where I got the answers when Charlie passed away 6 years ago. Now it's for my nephew. He has been missing since Thanksgiving. My sister has looked for him everywhere. She thinks she finally found him. We're just waiting for DNA results. The person we think is my nephew has been brutally beaten hung and burned. He was found on Nov. 25th and was buried as a John doe Dec. 22. I been telling my sister we need to pray but she doesn't want to. I feel like my nephew needs prayer. I feel like he's in the dark. I want to pray but don't know what or how to pray for him. Can someone please help me? I feel lost and it's all I think about. I feel I should of prayed a long time ago. He is all I think about since I found out he was missing. I feel like he wants us to pray for him. Please help me. I would appreciate it so much. Thank you for your time in reading my post.

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