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From: Denise
Date: Tuesday, January 08, 2019 10:01 AM
To: David
Subject: Re: Grandma
Thanks for sharing about that... i remember about 2008-2010 for a time i would find ladybugs- one was clinging to my windshield, then once when i went in a store the makeup person said look theres a ladybug on your shirt, oh my gosh how cute, its like it wants to stay with you...i lighlty flicked my sleeve and it just stay there instead of flying away. I dont know who that loved one was my dad hadnt passed away yet, i hardly knew any of my grandparents except one grandma we werent close and only saw each other once every other summer for a week or two but she was really sweet and cared about me.. only person i can think of maybe my childhood best friend who has come to me a few times, or- maybe what i was thinking is a birth parent or grandparent- i had an adc around 2006-07 in a dream, i felt like that older man who in the dream i didnt recognize , he was sitting in hospital bed smiled acknwoledged and waved to me saying bye to me- when i woke up i felt like that probably was one of my birth/ biological grandfathers letting me know even though he never met he was aware of me and had always had some kind of connection to me and wanted to acknowledge that to me before he passed on

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