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From: Josies-angel
Date: Sunday, December 09, 2018 11:16 AM
To: Doris
Subject: Re: NDC experience
Doris thank you for sharing your experiences with us.You have been through so much and I am sorry for your losses.It is never easy but time does help us to get use to our new normal. Keep your faith strong and know that those who have passed are still very close to you.

Not long ago I had a reading and my husband who passed will be 3 years the 20th of this month came through loud and clear. He was ill for 3 years before his passing.Even though I had shared my experiences and my faith and belief in the afterlife with him quite a bit he said in the reading that he did not know what to expect, he was afraid, but it was like walking into another room.He said we were soulmates and that we would be together again.

Doris,hearing it was like going into another room, that was so comforting and sounds like such an easy and wonderful transition and I feel sure it was like that for all your loved ones who passed also. Please know your loved ones are still with you, even though they live busy lives they can be right by your side with just a single thought.

Thank you again for sharing and I hope you have comfort and peace in knowing we are never alone. Blessings, Josie

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