Rambling again......
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From: Peg
Date: Monday, November 12, 2018 10:40 PM
Subject: Rambling again......
As some of you may have read, I pass the time in bed on my laptop playing an online Scrabble type game. My dad's first name has come up quite often in the past weeks. In the beginning I thought, ack, just coincidence. After some time it became the norm, made my day actually. Now, my mom's name and his both are popping up daily!!! Some games both of their first names come at once with me placing one name and my opponent placing the other. Playing with a robot (yes you can do that) their first word last night was MOTHER. Boy did I ever smile because the day before, her first name was dealt to me in 7 tiles, 5 of which spelled out her first name perfectly! And this is happening every single day without exception now. Some days my opponent will play the word MA, a name I used to call my mother once in a while, like Dorothy would call her mother Maaaaaa on Golden Girls. Then the word DA would come into play in the same game. I never called my dad DA that I know of but I've read books where the parents were referred to as Ma and Da. I know in my heart this has to be an ADC and even my husband the skeptic is beginning to believe! At first he thought I was doing something like choosing the letters you get but no way you can do that. I'm so thrilled that this is happening. I'm not well, constantly battling a debilitating illness that brings a lot of depression and loneliness with it. Keeps me bedridden quite a bit of the time. I remember one night I was in tears, it had been a particularly rough day, and I was talking out loud to them, begging them to let me know they were close by, just a tiny sign, anything! Oh how I'd love to fall into their arms and feel that loving comfort just one more time. And that's when their names starting popping up in this game of all places! I hope they keep it up too. Fifty two years my dad has been dead and now he's coming through at last. I find that amazing! And Ma right there beside him too. I can almost see the smiles on their faces.
Now I'm off to play Scrabble one more time before lights out! Here's hoping.........

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