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From: Maryann
Date: Monday, October 08, 2018 2:29 PM
To: Tracy
Subject: Re: Disappeared
That's so hard, Tracy......and I know the experience of adc's slowing down. For me it was the first couple years after losing my brother and then my mother. My dad waited awhile for some reason and then they were "wowzers".

My mother-in-law also gave some wowzers but it was a year after she passed. My father-in-law has never given any as an individual.

I don't think there is a reason for it except maybe it's about OUR needs too? When things are stressful for me, I often get gentle Signs and feel they are not from just one but from "My Gang" in Spirit. I also talk to them which often encourages the Signs.

I hope others chime in with their thoughts too.

Blessings to you.

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