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From: Dan
Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018 1:28 AM
Subject: Third Sign
My Third sign this week came today.
For some reason i had been feeling particularly anxious and frustrated today. The sensations grew throughout my long day at work and I couldn't quite shake it.

Finally when I got back to my car after work, I sat there frustrated with my own anxiety, pretty upset that up until a month ago I had never dealt with something like this.

I suddenly noticed that a light in the parking structure next to my car had begun flashing. Maybe it was flashing before hand and in my frustration I hadn't noticed. Either way I started talking aloud again to my friend, asking things like "am i wrong for having these anxious thoughts?" "Am i going about this the wrong way" just things I would normally ask myself anyway to help myself relax. The light continued to flicker, sometimes a single flicker, sometimes twice, but consistent about every minute. Finally, I got myself to relax, reminding myself to focus on the things I can control and the things/people that bring me happiness. I told myself, you're better than this, you can push past this. Sure enough I felt better, and to my surprise I noticed the light was no longer flickering. I sat there watching it for another 6mins and continued watching it as I drove away. No flicker. Maybe this one was a bit too far of a stretch but it definitely felt like she was listening to me. Thanks M..!

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