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From: Dan
Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018 12:36 AM
Subject: First Sign
A bit of backstory, an old friend of mine passed early this year, unfortunately since getting to college we had spoken only in passing on a few occasions. I regretted not talking to her more frequently when I had the chance.

I had been struggling recently with anxiety recently, including with the fear of death, especially since a relative had been getting extremely ill and it was clear she had limited time. With this growing anxiety I had begun speaking aloud to my friend asking her to let me know she was okay. This past week I feel she's made contact 3 times.

Well, her mother worked at a store my parents and I frequented, but for nearly 5 months I had not had a chance to go with them due to other commitments, but my parents would tell me they hadn't seen her once. This past weekend I finally got an opportunity to accompany them. As I was going through my day I had completely forgotten what I had asked of her, until to our surprise, I selected a checkout aisle, and who might be at the end of it, but my friend's mother. I took this as my first sign. I feel like my friend interjected to make sure her mother and I crossed paths, so I could see her mom and let her know that I was thinking of her daughter, and hug her to comfort one another.

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