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From: Jimmy S
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 12:20 PM
Subject: Don't go to the light - an alternative outside box view.
What if the "world view" proposed and all the evidence about the ADC, "astral realm" is still controlled and managed by higher beings. In looking at the research many and most all of the research is the same.

In the after life 101 and other sites there is no mention of a reincarnation trap. i.e. don't go to the light.

It is thought that the ASTRAL realm is also controlled and managed just like much of the reality on Earth. This is shown in ancient text analysis, and via remote viewing work.

We must challenge the "common collective thought" and energy being presented. Yes it's mysterious, yes it is interesting to talk to those in the spirit realm. However, WHAT IF IT TOO is a TRAP?

Thus don't go to the light, don't get swayed by any beings, say Hi to your family but tell them you are moving on and that they can come too.

wes penre presents a much different and well researched work on our challenges on death and leaving the matrix. see youtube videos wes penre.

Posted with LOVE.

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