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From: Denise
Date: Thursday, August 02, 2018 10:47 AM
To: Denise
Subject: Re: A penny out of nowhere
Hello adc people
And thanks for prayers very much....Josie you requested I update you all so he just got discharged after two weeks- there has been some issues complications that are very concerning to me— I heard some heart surgery patients discharge after 6 or 7 days but based on his progress they kept him a lot longer- that’s good and it’s not so good at same time. It’s good they didn’t boot him out the door a week after— it’s not so good because we thought bc of his very young age- ( my dad made it til 84, her dad is thirty years younger than my dad was) —- her dad was also youngest patient on each unit he spent time there— cardiac icu, the next cardiac unit and then the lower level unit— he was the youngest one there all the patients I saw were old enough to be his parent.

Please pray because my daughter was with him a day and a half ago- he became very weak and out of breath trying to just walk- had to sit back down out of breath and at that moment physician assistant walked by and witnessed that- our daughter talked to physician assistant how he’s still so weak and his leg is really still two weeks after purple and swollen with fluid and has developed a dry cough. The physician assistant she said took it very serious and ordered a scan or something of his leg that show a small blood clot— told daughter and him both he’s not ready in her eyes for discharge quite yet. But the next morning one of those kind of sleezy insurance doctor types came along, I was physically there sitting right next to him- doctor was very breezy and casual dismissive said so are ya ready to go? Of course he wants to go so he said yes- but at same time he was worried about blood clot, his leg- he pointed to his leg asked the doctor about it and doctor acted so casual, oh that’s ok, only in a small percent would that be serious... blah blah. Our daughter called me at that moment and I asked her dad if it’s ok if SHE talk to that doctor- her dad gave the okay- that arrogant doctor kind of shook his head and smirked as if it was ridiculous that his daughter would want to speak to him, one of those kind... our daughter she is actually really equipped for that because she’s sharp- she catches things and has really excellent verbal skills- she’s the person you would want to advocate for a loved one- she’s respectful but she advocates and fights for something that’s serious- she spent almost ten minutes maybe w that doctor he was brushing aside her concerns patronizing her that yes yes I know we worry as family members but I think he’s ok. After the call the doctor was shaking his head smirking and smiling like it was a broken finger instead of complications from triple bypass- I looked at him I couldn’t believe how he was acting I said quietly “excuse *me*... this is serious..???” He just kind of brushed it off.

Daughter called me then and I stepped away take her call and she said that doctor is an idiot, he wasn’t acting like it’s even that serious. I told her thank you so much- you really advocated for him so good- if sorry and I agree he was one of those insurance lame doctors- an idiot.
She felt so defeated and discouraged having fought so hard to protect her dads best interest his very life and that lame lame doctor. She said she was going to go somewhere and told me later she is having overwhelming anxiety and depression and almost feels like drinking. I asked to meet and talk with her she feels disappointed that a doctor who’s taken an oath who has her dads health and life in his hands would be so dismissive and reckless and did not convey to her basic regard or show he takes his health serious. So now I’m very worried about her too.
After discharge he is trying to do too much- please pray the main thing is he needs to take it easy- daughter asked him for her sake to please rest, and it is critical the medical orders say he needs to rest to elevate his legs at heart level a lot in order for proper blood flow. That is so important but he is stubbornly trying to be up too much - daughter said she has been basically begging him to rest and elevate legs.

So thank you for continued prayers I’m worried sick literally. Wanted to as you asked Josie to update and give overall idea what’s going on

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