Re: A penny out of nowhere
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From: Denise
Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 1:36 AM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: A penny out of nowhere
Thanks Josie— I think that might have been the most clear one ever I have got- when I say it came out of nowhere it really did- I was only one in that loung room- when I went in nobody had been there and nobody even stepped in for a moment— as I sat there deep in thought I noticed a flash of bronze color and saw it was a penny that just came from nowhere middle of carpet spun along few inches as when someone tries to roll a coin- but nobody was there... I was sitting a good five feet from the penny and all I had on me was my phone on the couch next to me.....

He’s still there 11 days post op now- appreciate your continued prayers it’s so sad and seems unfair to me that the other patients there that I have seen all look old enough to be his parent. He has now in other unit but has had some worrisome side effects still, thanks for asking and being supportive

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