A penny out of nowhere
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From: Denise
Date: Friday, July 27, 2018 4:37 PM
Subject: A penny out of nowhere
Last week I was sitting in this small lounge off the intensive care unit— a close person to me my daughters father had heart surgery and was in the icu for 3-4 days before he was transferred to step down unit. It was so very hard and painful and nerve wracking — he’s still young and this is her dad. I would sometimes retreat to that small lounge that I felt relieved that for some reason other people didn’t seem to notice that lounge and other visitors would all go to this other large noisier lounge down the hall. One day I was taking a break in lounge and again to my relief as I felt the need to have some solitude and quiet there wasn’t anyone else there. I was sitting there anguishing all panicky, trying to breathe and focus on calming and prayers. I was sitting looking down kind of in my thoughts and out of nowhere I saw a little flash of bronze color and looked - it was a single penny literally out of nowhere spinning for few seconds along the carpet—- as if when someone takes a coin and tries to roll it along the ground- but there has been nobody else there and all I had was my phone sitting there. It was about five feet away from me this single penny that from nowhere appeared rolling on carpet for a few inches. I sat there staring at it and picked it up, I know it meant something special, an angel? My late father? But it somehow made me feel someone in spirit was aware of and trying to say hi or to encourage me... I took a pic with my phone and showed someone and told her that it was something that couldn’t be explained by any “natural” means.

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