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From: DonniesCarole
Date: Saturday, June 30, 2018 8:11 AM
Subject: camera sign
This morning I was getting ready to go out and do some yard work, before it gets too hot. I walked into the bedroom to get my old work clothes on, and as I walked by the dresser, my camera started blinking and pictures of the yard started showing in the little viewer on the back. I thought , " what the heck is going on," First of all the camera was turned off and I know the batteries were dead a month ago, and I had not taken them out. I picked it up and looked and the switch was still in the off position. It stopped blinking as soon as I picked it up, and I could not get it to come on again. Then I knew it was Donnie , letting me know He knew what I was doing this morning, and he will be working along side of me.

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