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From: Jane
Date: Friday, June 22, 2018 6:44 PM
Subject: After Death Communication
I remember sitting in my living room in the morning 11th June 2017
feeling quite grumpy however there was no clear reason why I
should have felt like this. I had an overwhelming sense of
something very significant having happened (felt like it blew
through me if that makes sense). I looked around my living room
to see what had changed and could see nothing so looked at the
clock to make a note of the time in case this should prove useful
later on (10.05). I then could not get a thought out of my head
that continually came back. This thought was telling me that
when my mum doesn't come over at 3 o clock I will wait until 4 o
clock and then go to her flat and find her. I kept dismissing
this thought as very disrespectful to my mum until she did turn
up at my house as agreed at 3 o clock. I waited until 4 o clock
and then went to her flat and found her. The funeral was on the
27th June. On the 8th July at 4.45 pm I was sat in my living
room with my two daughters who were watching the television. I
was looking towards the television when I noticed a black dot in
the corner of my right eye. I assumed that this was a fly or
something like that, however when I turned to look toward where
the black dot was I jolted and gripped the arm of my chair with
both hands in shock. One of my daughters asked me if I was OK
however I couldn't answer her and had to keep watching what was
in front of me. I had never seen anything like it. It was solid
grey (not transparent), about 5 foot in length and just under a
foot in width and was sort of a long worm shaped object with a
sharp long point at either end. It was moving downwards from the
ceiling towards the floor in a waving fashion. It moved
beautifully with an accompanying peace (a peace that have no
words to describe). The nearest word to describe what
accompanied this strange sight is bliss, however it is not really
getting anywhere near the 'peace' that was with the sight that I
observed. As this sight got nearer the ground it started to
disappear about a foot off the floor. The last part of it sank
into this invisible line a foot off the floor and as it went I
was told with no words that 'You do not need to grieve for her'.
The whole experience took about half a minute. At that moment I
felt fine. Less than a month after my mum had gone and I felt
happy. I miss her but I can't grieve for someone who is existing
in that 'peace'. I felt like I had won every lottery ever
invented, the luckiest person alive. My husband tried to mention
that I'd seen something to his mum the next day, however she said
that she felt sorry for me and that it must be very hard. I felt
quite sad about this reaction and generally don't tell people
because they will make the same assumption about my mental state.
I was not on any medication, drunk, in some desperate crying fit
or any other extreme on the 8th July. I was grieving, but I've
grieved for other family members including my gran who I also
found like I found my mum. I was very close to both of these
people yet I didn't see anything with my gran (lots of light
bulbs popping, sense of being watched but nothing visual). I am
creating artwork on what I saw just to share it with others
(although I can't openly say what is inspiring these drawings and
paintings because most people will not understand). While I was
clearing out my mum's stuff from her flat I came across a
sketchpad that she had be using shortly before she passed away.
She was an art teacher so did a lot of art in her own time. I
came across some pen drawings and said to my husband and
daughters that the drawings were not that different to what I saw
on the 8th July. I have put them on my art blog below one of my
own drawings based on what I saw. If you wish to see these
google Jane Sproston art and look at the movement downwards
drawings. Movement downwards 2 is the one which includes my
mum's art work that is so similar to what I was watching on the
8th July. I should also mention that my mum promised that she
would let me know that she was OK after she passed away if it was
possible. I was eight at the time (43 now) and we never talked
about this since I was 8.

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