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From: David
Date: Friday, June 01, 2018 1:08 AM
Subject: Needed a Miracle
I received a dream last July from my ex-girlfriends folks in Heaven, saying that I belonged to my ex-girlfriend and a friend of mine belonged to her ex-husband. I had my friend contact her ex-husband the following day, and start working things out with him, that led to her complete healing of four incurable illnesses, and reconnecting her with their son.

Next I needed her ex then to move out from his son's house and into his own senior apartment, so I prayed and asked help from God and from my ex-girlfriends mom Emily, on this. (I have been having adcs with Emily) A second later my friend received a phone call from her ex to let her know he just signed the lease for his own senior apartment and would be moving in, in a few days. Smile.

My friend needed a miracle for her ex and her to hear from their son, as he recently moved over seas for military service, and no one had heard from him in three weeks. I prayed and asked God and Emily for help on this, last Sunday, the answer came a short time later that day when he called his dad to let him know he and his family were fine. Smile.

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