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From: Josies-angel
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 8:23 PM
To: David
Subject: Re: The Butterfly
David,thank you for sharing these wonderful ADC's. The butterfly ADC resonates with me and so does hearing a loved ones voice.

Years back a beautiful large butterfly kept landing on my flipflops on the side porch. One day I went out there and sit on the bench and I mentally told the butterfly to get on the palm of my hand and surprisingly it did, I could feel its vibrations,it sit there for some time. I went to sit it on the railing and it flew away only to return this time on my shoulder. I then reached for it to see if it would again get on my hand but it flew away,this time it did not come back. I felt my son sent that butterfly to me.

Not long after my mama passed I was lying on the couch in a half awake,half asleep state and I heard my mama say my name,it was so real that I got up and went to check the doors to see if anyone was there.

approximately 2and1/2 years ago on the morning of my husband's passing I wondered if I should have turned up his oxygen and I heard"then you would have worried about that" I knew it was my husband saying that.

Many here have heard about these signs but wanted to share with you. Thank you again,I am enjoying reading your posts. Josie

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