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From: David
Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 12:00 PM
Subject: Dorothy
Dorothy was a minister I worked for. I had received a call from her assistant one morning that Dorothy had passed away at home. Dorothy had been like a mom to me. It was a four hour drive from where I lived to her house. Dorothy had been in the hospital recently about her heart. Dorothy had been in her nineties and lived a full life.

I then returned home and posted on her social media page a well done good and faithful servant message and a beautiful red rose picture and told her I loved her. I then went into my bedroom, when suddenly I double over as Dorothy's spirit went through me and I clearly heard Dorothy's voice. She gave me an instruction that only she would say, then she was gone.

I was very happy to hear from Dorothy, and that she is not limited now by doors, walls, time, or space. Apparently Dorothy received instantly my social media message and dropped by to answer it in person.

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