White Feathers (Tiny)
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From: Alicia Bridges
Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 1:21 PM
Subject: White Feathers (Tiny)
While making up my bed this morning, I found two tiny white feathers, placed side by side ... neatly ... under my pillow. There is no explanation for this. There are no feathers in our house. I wanted to share this, with everyone. Our cat crossed over just a few weeks ago and we’re still grieving..we miss her. I also think about my father who cossed over in 2005. My cousin and I have been involved in a discussion with each other ... on a daily basis ... about our decesed loved ones. My dad and my grandfather are always with me in spirit and of course our cats and dogs who have crossed over. I believe the two feathers to be a , “hello from heaven”. ?? Thank you for the chance to share this important event.

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