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From: Holly
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018 11:04 AM
Subject: accomplishments
Hi guys.. I don't know how many of you might be in my boat. I'v isolated myself from many people I used to think as friends. Perhaps they could not be friends enough to ride with me on the path of grief, or we grew apart.

I requested retirement (early) from an organization I worked for for 37 years. The people were my extended family. Why I did this, I kick my butt now. But, I became a nurse, I never went to college and there I was in my 50's studying. It took my mind off of losing my family.
The position I took was hospice right off the bat. I wanted to help the dying and witness them speaking to loved ones that passed before them.
It sufficed my financials but barely as I was left many bills. So, I decided to invest again in myself and go to a higher degree.
I accomplished this yesterday !!! but with great achievement, I am in deep sorrow. My family did not see this, I feel very alone not having them to cheer me on. I dined with friends but it is not the same.

how do you guys handle this ? I have no other family members to go to and I thought I might get a nice ADC that I know to well how to see, but none came !!
thanks in advance for some helping information

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