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From: Phoenix Pearson
Date: Wednesday, April 04, 2018 11:31 PM
To: DonniesCarole
Subject: Re: synchronicty
Thank you for reading about my synchronicity experiences! It was actually quite special for me to have received both of your responses. Even though I wasn’t originally too fond of the idea of using online blogs and/or other electronic based support group forums for young windows/widowers, I decided to give it a chance since there really aren’t many people locally who I can talk to (face-to-face) about my loss and the subsequent experiences therafter. I have a separate online group that specifically deals with supporting others who have lost their life partner (some younger people and some older people), but it’s not a site that really addresses the topics that are discussed on this particular website. So... I am very new to this posting stuff and trying to find alternate ways to cope with my grief and process my experiences since my husband’s passing. In fact, I had just randomly clicked on this site, and then just picked a random person. The question regarding synchronicity popped-up, and I figured that maybe it would help me to write about my very recent and personal experiences. I suppose that sharing my synchronicity story with the two of you or anybody else who joins in on the discussion was helpful for me since it’s not really stuff that I talk about too often with other people. I’m fact, when I do happen to share brief snapshots of situations that have occurred since 01/06/18, people who I know are intrigued but make comments like “Wow- that’s so crazy.” or “that’s so weird.” One person used the word “creepy. With that said, it then just makes me feel uncomfortable to share with others which is why I sought out online avenues to find other people who are non-judgmental, receptive, and genuinely interested in being open and to other peoples stories. Personally, I think that any type of communication from a loved one who passes, especially when synchronicity is involved is actually very special. It’s for sure not weird, strange, or creepy. I think it’s very, very, very cool because synchronicity shows us that your loved one is basically insistent that their message comes across; hence the concept of synchronicity. You know.... after the loss of my husband, I wasn’t sure what to expect... if anything at all. It has just become so apparent to me now that the evolutionary process is far more complex than what we as humans can grasp. It’s hard to understand, explain or process because it’s just so much bigger than us. All I can do at this stage is just explain my personal story and my individual “a-ha moments.” I intend to read other individuals’ stories too now since synchronicity is apparently not uncommon. I knew that the timing of my “car alarm” situations wasn’t just a steady stream of random coincidence, but I hadn’t attached the concept or word “synchronicity” to it since this is all very new to me. I’m super careful about not finding meaning in things that could be coincidences or just a fluke, and I definitely am reserved so that I don’t over analyze and try to see something that isn’t really there. I’m not a skeptic about there being something beyond the here and now, but I just can’t completely explain it yet. All I know for the moment is that the experiences which I’ve had over the last 3 months are very real and all come with a sense of connection and acknowledgement at significant moments. Again, I don’t know what exists beyond the 5 senses, but I do realize now more than ever that there is much more that awaits us. My pain hasn’t subsided because I’m still human and want my husband by my side, but I do take comfort in knowing that coincidences aren’t found when synchronicity is involved.

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