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From: Phoenix Pearson
Date: Tuesday, April 03, 2018 12:20 PM
Subject: Re: synchronicty
Synchronicity has been prevalent for me since my husband passed away on 01/06/18. I am 40 years old; my husband and I share a daughter who just turned 2 years old, and I gave birth to our son 3 shortly after my husband passed away. Our son was born on 02/02/18. I have had other direct and indisputable signs that extend beyond synchronicity. Concrete evidence that includes technology. The technology component has been associated with our daughter, who my husband loves (present tense intentional) more than anything in this world. I have snapshot evidence, and then many other things that I luckily experienced with witnesses since the examples are so extreme that people would have thought I was just nuts and delusional from grief and trauma. Of course there are a couple other experiences that I had alone, but I won’t discuss those since it was just me and my “word” without witnesses to substantiate my experiences. With that said, back to synchronicity. My husband was a huge car guy. It was a hobby and not a job per say, but he could fix anything. People called him “Triple Ray” (his name is Raymond). We had purchased a vehicle a few years back right before our daughter was born, and it was meticulously maintained. I never had to worry about having issues with our vehicles since my husband was proactive about any and everything. Keep that in mind as I explain my examples of synchronicity. The night of my husband’s Memorial Service, I was 8 months pregnant and beyond distraught. I was so grief-stricken that I wouldn’t and couldn’t even attend the Memorial Service. I have no regrets about that decision because I know my husband would have understood my complete despair since we were so connected. My family went and took our daughter; there were approximately 75 people who attended. My family had sent a friend over to sit with me that evening so that I wasn’t alone while everybody was at the Service. A family friend, came over and I really was numb and frantic all at once (still am). It was about 5:30ish and I told her something like, “Well, the Memorial Service is about half way over and after that everybody is going to go on with their lives. I just don’t understand how this all happened and now I need to wait for the autopsy results because I need answers.” As soon as I said this, a car alarm started going off in my parent’s driveway. It was silent outside, no weather conditions to activate an alarm, no busy streets (quiet neighborhood), and there were 3 cars in the driveway which all had alarms. It was immediate, and we both knew it was my husband and instinctively knew it was our vehicle. Melissa and I did a quick check since we were sitting right by the window, and sure enough, it was our (husband and I) vehicle, and none of the other cars owned by family members had their alarms going off. I looked for my keys quickly to turn off my alarm and by the time I found them, it had shut itself off. It was maybe 10-15 seconds. I had absolutely NEVER EVER had the car alarm just go off before that. That’s the key to my synchronicity as I continue. Fast family finally gets home and I tell them what happened with the car that my husband and l shared. If there was one way to get my attention during the Memorial Service to acknowledge that he was with me even though I was at my parent’s home, it would be the car. I explained to my family the situation a couple hours later when they returned and suddenly the car alarm started going off again just moments following me telling them about what had happened earlier. Everybody in the house essentially froze, and sure enough... it was about another 10-15 seconds and the car alarm shut itself off again. That was the beginning of my synchronicity experiences, and their commencement on the night of his Memorial Service was not lost upon me. Fast Forward 2 weeks- My husband was the guy who dealt with the car stuff and our car license plate was expiring at the end of January. I was really in a mode of knowing they it needed to go in for it’s emissions test, but I just didn’t have the physical or emotional capacity to leave the house and deal with that. I basically was like “screw it” because I’m not leaving to go anywhere since I was in a state of isolation and very pregnant. Long story short, I asked my mother about 3 days before the plates expired if she would just take care it. She was happy to do it and returned back with a successful vehicle plate renewal sticker which could now be bought at the emissions location after passing the test. My husband was adamant about not waiting for the last second to take care of anything, and that included our car which he loved as a car enthusiast. When my mother pullled the car into the driveway and came inside to inform me that all went well, the car alarm started going off. This was about 2 weeks since the car alarm last sounded on the night of the Memorial Service. It was the last couple days of January. Fast Forward to March 24th- Our first child, who just turned two years old has a Godfather who was chosen by my husband because he was his best friend in life. I picked my sister as our daughter’s Godmother. This way my husband and I both were even and picked who we wanted. My husband and our daughter’s Godfather had known each other since they were in their teens. Little did we know the role that Godfather would really play into our lives. Our daughter’s Godfather was so special to my husband. At the time of my pregnancy, my husband and I found out that his best friend (Godfather) was also expecting a baby about 2 weeks off of our son’s due date. We were so excited to learn that we were having a boy! It just was bizarre timing that his best friend’s wife was also expecting a child at the same time. And no... this was not coordinated! My husband and I were looking forward to sharing our newborn experiences together, and the month of February was going to be an exciting time. If you’ve read my entire post, then you will know that my husband passed away of 01/06/18 and didn’t get the chance to meet our son in this realm. Our daughter’s Godfather ended up having his baby girl a couple weeks after our son was born. I eventually went to go visit my husband’s best friend, wife, and to introduce my newborn to their newborn while our other toddler daughters played together. Again, this was on 03/24. It was very hard and emotional for me to go over to their home because it reminded me that my family was no longer complete, and the experience of having my newborn was riddled with a feeling of gratitude for his healthy birth and grief-stricken that I didn’t have my husband by my side to experience the moments. When I was driving to their home with both kids, it was my first real venture out into the world, and I couldn’t help but think how my husband should have been with me. I got to their house and brought the kids inside. I put the diaper bag down, hugs and kisses all around, and then out of nowhere (within max of 2 minutes upon entering the home), the wife to my husband’s best friend/our daughter’s Godfather said, “Hey, your alarm is going off. Where are your keys?” I literally freaked out because I was absolutely not anticipating this moment. My keys were laying on their entryway table and I exclaimed, “OMG- My husband (except I used my husband’s name) is HERE!!!” I then explained to his wife the chain of car alarm events and why it was so significant. Our daughter’s Godfather was aware of the Memorial Service events and so fourth, but it wasn’t a topic of conversation, just a brief mention in a text message a couple months earlier. the car alarm then shut itself off automatically within just about 7-10 seconds this time. By the time I heard the final alarm sound, it then just stopped. The visit to their home was a significant one for our family. Even if the alarm hadn’t sounded off, it still was a huge moment to go over to spend time with them since my husband’s passing and the arrival of our new babies. The fact that the car alarm sounded just confirmed that my husband was aware that I was there and with them for that first special get together which was important. I will conclude with the fact that our car alarm never sounded off before my husband’s passing, and has only sounded off on those 3 important occasions... all which are symbolic events that led up to the alarm going off. The alarm has not gone off except those occasions, and I don’t have a car alarm problem that requires it to be checked out. To date, that is my synchronicity experience. There’s more communication that’s happened, but I’ll save that for another time. I could write a book, but I think my husband is staying close because of the trauma, grief, and the kids. He knows that I need reminders of his presence, and he has been very helpful in his own way to communicate that message of connection. It still doesn’t change the pain, but it provides a brief moment of relief from the pain.

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