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From: dan
Date: Sunday, March 25, 2018 2:56 AM
Subject: not again
in 96 I lost my son due to an accident in front of our house. In 06 my wife died from an inherited illness called Huntington's Chorea. Last week my daughter died in my arms from the same illness. I have a wonderful new wife who tries to understand me, she has a dear daughter who was in the accident when my son was killed. she was badly injured but recovered and is going on with her life. I am thrilled for her. My problem is my daughter was the last of my previous family. My wife and step daughter really care about me but they do not feel what I am going through. they are going on vacation together for 8 days to see other children from my new wife's life. Tomorrow is the memorial for my daughter. three days later they go on vacation. I know they need a break, and i need to be alone. My daughters illness was very painful and involved nerve degeneration to the point of insanity. I don't think anyone can understand what loosing all of my previous family feels like. In 96 on this site there were several parents who had lost children that i talked to for a year or two. Now I really wish I could talk to them .... One was from Toke Alaska? she went by the name of cat? there was a chat room that we frequented ... is that chat room still available? does anyone know Cat? or Misty?

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