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From: Josies-angel
Date: Friday, March 16, 2018 10:48 AM
To: Monica
Subject: Re: I have so many questions but cannot find the answers
Dear Monica,please accept my sincere condolences on the losses you have had to endure.I don't have the answers either,only my beliefs.Sometimes life seems so unfair but for everything we go through it can only make us stronger and sometimes these losses help us to look for answers to open up our own spirituality.

I believe that everything we go through we are always having the support of God and the Angels and our loved ones and pets who have passed before us.It is important that we keep the faith that everything happens for a reason and even though we have questions please know that all has a purpose. I will give you an example back in 2015 my husband of 50 years passed and I often wonder why he went first,he was such a fun person to be around,he had a zest for life,he enjoyed being around people and Im more quiet and enjoy being a homebody. After much time of wondering why I feel he passed first because he would have had a difficult time adjusting if I had passed first and for whatever reason God needed him there,I miss him everyday but I also know he is happy and at peace,no doubt in my mind.

Monica,your father-in-law and your friend that passed please know they are at peace.Grief has a way of blocking our receiving of the signs and we think they are not around us but can you imagine losing our loved ones and they can not see or hear us or be around us? I cant.Our loved ones are more alive than we are in my opinion.They see us,they hear us and they know what lies ahead for us and when it comes our time to go,they will be there to greet us,oh what a glorius time that will be.

Monica,I believe your daughter just needs reassurance that her grandfather lives on,he has a new spiritual body but he has the same love for her as he always has had.I hope in time she will get a beautiful sign from him,one that will help her to know that he is out of signt but not out of her life.

You have so much on you right now but please know all is how it Is suppose to be,we are not in charge,just keep the faith,stay strong and know you WILL make it through this difficult time. Sending you love,peace,and strength

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