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From: Pat
Date: Saturday, March 03, 2018 1:39 PM
Subject: Anyone know anything about this
Hello all,

It's been awhile since I have posted the few ADC's I had...I have something that I need all of your input on. In the 50's the Apartment my family occupied in a 2 Family House has been constantly on my mind and in my dreams...We had moved around a lot back then and this place was one of the last I lived in until I got married. It turned out that I have a rather unusual connection to the place...we lived in that neighborhood for about 7 yrs or so so I can't understand the obsession with it...During a search of family history I discovered that my Grandparents owned the house next door to this from back in the 1800' it is possible that they even owned our house too....The entire neighborhood tugs at my heart strings...there was a Park a block away that as a teen I hung out in and a few other neighborhood stores too...Now some 50 years later I can't get any of it off my mind to the point where I pass by there when I'm in the area...There are no family members left to ask them about the history of the 2 houses. I find I have a special connection to that Grandmother that owned the house next door too...but she passed 20 years before I was born! Does any one here have any knowledge of such a connection to the past or know why? This is constantly on my mind...I thought of going there and ringing the bell and explaining that I once lived there but the area is very run down now. Thank you for listening.

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