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From: Denise
Date: Wednesday, February 07, 2018 9:19 AM
Subject: A few yrs ago
My daughter few yrs back, on Christmas morning, as we are with my mom and brother before opening gifts taps my shoulder, says she needs to tell me something "real quick"( one of her oft used phrases is "real quick" - she was born in California but has a "in a New York minute " personality
So before mom and brother come over to the tree to open gifts she tells me she had a dream waking up that am
That in the dream she was walking down a street and knew she was supposed to go to this light blue two story house
Knocks on door
A older man opens the door
He's tall and smiles and calls her by name to come on in , he tells her he is my birth father and she is welcome if she wants to have a seat and asks her casually if she wants a sandwich.
Goes in kitchen then she sees a man my age who tells her he is my brother
Birth dad comes out tells her to tell me to "find out about my birth mother"
She tells me this in her New York minute style and says "I think you need to start to try to find her"

It's a lot to take in
On Christmas morning no less
I am floored and felt this was not a regular dream but must mean the spirit of my birth father visited her in a dream- wondering if he passed or if he could be alive but his spirit paid her a visit to give this message

As I mentioned here before I was adopted by my mom and dad as a baby
I have wondered over the years and this message dream delivered from my daughter is why I started the process later that year

And now I still only know parts and there are other parts that are a confusing mess so far
Btw I ** do** have two half siblings both brothers
The new searcher had me take a well known DNA testing company that showed my ethnicity and linked me to half a dozen **paternal matches
The company can obviously only link you to people who also took the DNA test
My birth father I found out passed away a few years ago in an auto wreck
The identity of my birth mom is not 100% and so if some can pray here I will find the answer that my birth father told my daughter in that visit dream to the question of finding out about my birth mother

I had a dream the following year. It wasn't a dream visit but was I think a revelatory dream
Showing my birth mom in a hospital and she had struggled with depression and addiction after relinquishing me
But who is she? K or L or someone else
It's driving me crazy

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