Re: Where is everyone?
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From: Peg
Date: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 10:45 PM
To: Josies-angel
Subject: Re: Where is everyone?
Thanks Josie, and everyone else for responding as well. Really didn't want to admit it but I've been hit with a bit of depression, chemical imbalance I've been told. It came right after Christmas when I was left with nothing to do but think. I muddle through, it passes with time. But with age it gets tougher. Husbands health is not the best, so I worry a lot about him. I find myself nudging him when he nods off during the day. A few times his blood sugar has dropped dangerously low. The worst fear is not knowing what I'll find when I wake up in the morning. So yeah, I look at my mom and dad's picture a lot for reassurance and comfort. I know wherever they are right now they're free of all the worries of this world and I envy that. These pictures were discovered in my mom's house after she passed. So that discovery in itself was probably an ADC. How happy they looked even though they had a troubled marriage at times. For 43 years she talked about how much she missed him, how she longed to be with him again. And I have to be happy for her that they're together again. Just wish there was a little curtain I could part and take a peek at them from time to time. Ah, now wouldn't that be nice!

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