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From: Peg
Date: Sunday, January 14, 2018 7:58 PM
Subject: Where is everyone?

I don't get here often lately. Age has a way of slowing me down, even from being on the computer. Holidays were lonely with no ADC's and then the worst of all, a family member diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer just before Christmas. Trying to be upbeat is beginning to seem impossible at times. My mom and dad stayed on my mind a lot during the holidays. Maybe that's because as the years go by I miss them even more. A friend told me last night that maybe they're thinking of me as well and that's the reason they're on my mind so much. Thought about removing their pictures from my room in order to 'get on' with life but that might feel like losing them all over again. Really do miss them more and more every day. The only thing that keeps me hanging on is my daughter. She's an only child, same as me. Hate to think of her being all alone in the world so I fight every illness that comes along with all my might.

Would love to hear of any ADC's you're all having. I do think there's a lull at times. I was getting so many ADC's right after my mom died, there was no denying she was in touch from the other side. Just wish she'd crank it up again and start sending a few more my way! Or maybe they stop after a period of time, allowing us to learn to go on without them? Any thoughts on this from anyone? Can't remember the last ADC from mom, or even a dream about her for that matter.

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