Re: Update on Gabriel
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From: Denise
Date: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 9:42 AM
To: Andy
Subject: Re: Update on Gabriel
It's a given there will be appeals. I have confidence he will have his day and since a few months ago there was some change in calif to reinstate the use of the death penalty and considering he's only 37 it's very possible he will pay for his crime while in his forties. It is a bit of justice in itself knowing he will, because he is a coward (only picked on first grade children instead of men his own age and size) he will be living in fear, for however long he's in prison, not just because he knows he's scheduled to die but also because he is a marked man, it is no secret that he is probably at this time pretty much the most hated man in America and most inmates know what he did. So do the guards. Many of them are fathers uncles or grandfathers themselves so he will always have to sleep with one eye open. He made the child live in fear and now he pretty much gave himself the same fate.
Thanks for following up Andy on my post

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