Dance of the Brightest Stars
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From: Denise
Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 11:06 AM
Subject: Dance of the Brightest Stars
Hey you guys I want it to share a special poem I just wrote for Gabriel's memory to reflect his beauty and that he lives on...

Somewhere far away under the moons gentle gaze
The stars shine and twinkle their beauty so bright
Among these stars are a few known as the brightest stars
They dance and glow about the moon to give hope to us on earth
They are the stars on the darkest night when other stars fade dim
Who's beauty shines so bright dancing about the moon
It was a mystery before what these stars were
But now the moon made known
These are special souls who were hurt on earth who someone tried to snuff out their light
Because of this they are given a place to shine the brightest of them all
And they will forever when you look up shine as they dance the Dance of the Brightest Stars

Dedicated to the beautiful soul who will forever shine so bright
Nobody could extinguish your light

In Honor of
Gabriel D. Fernandez
Feb 21 2005- May 24 2013

His spirit lives on.. among the stars above

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