Is this possible for adc???
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From: Denise
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2017 9:54 AM
Subject: Is this possible for adc???
I was wondering any thoughts from you guys on if it's possible for someone you had a very close bond with, who is still living to send a type of adc? I suppose it wouldn't be labeled adc because if a persons still alive it wouldn't be labeled as an after death contact... but in a general sense the same idea of their spirit trying to reach out to you or even if let's say they are thinking about you strongly at that moment if their energy can somehow connect with yours?

This person I had a particularly close bond with but we can't see or talk to each other now for the last five months or so.

The reason I thought of it was when we were together he always had this thing about me drinking Diet Coke...he didn't think it's good for my health and was always on my case to quit my soda habit .. one time I decided to try this as I knew, it really isn't good to drink several diet sodas every day so for a couple weeks I had "abstained" and switched over to water and flavored teas but after a while I went back and started drinking the soda again.

Last night I stopped off and got a bottle of soda and when I got home set it down on the floor while I went to call my daughter. As I was talking to her, I heard a noise and the bottle (luckily still sealed) had knocked over so I uprighted it made sure it was solidly even on the ground and kept talking to her-- AGAIN after maybe 15 seconds heard that noise turned around the it was again somehow knocked over... I looked at the bottom of it wondering why it would do that because I often set those same exact plastic bottles down there and it isn't uneven or anything to on its own knock down. I set it up again and still finished talking distracted a little about the bottle. It happened again and I said out loud wth? And told her my soda bottle has a mind of its own and firmly set it upright... I'm not sure come to think of it now why I kept standing it up, as we got off the phone I heard a plop noise again and saw this fourth time it had fallen down the other way. Then I strongly felt there's no way the bottle would keep doing hat on a stable surface 4 times in a row, and kinda funny how the last time as if almost to get my attention it fell the other direction of that makes sense.

I thought of his person I guess because like I said in all the time we were together the Diet Coke thing was a standing issue, that time I quit drinking it for a couple weeks I joked to his mom that I was "sober"... my daughter told me sometime after my dad past that one time he told her "tell your mother to stop drinking so much Diet Coke" so I guess it could also be an adc from him however he and I never had a ongoing back and forth about it so when it happened the person I was with before was who I instantly thought of... like that would be so specific to us

Anyways I just wondered if someone you had a really close bond with ifbtheir spirit can somehow connect w you in this way even if they're still living?

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