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From: Denise
Date: Thursday, October 12, 2017 11:31 AM
To: Maryann
Subject: Re: Sing a song
Yea I believe animals have a soul, they remain connected to us after they pass over... my first dog Corky has a special place in my heart-- tragically he passed too soon one day when he was still a puppy about 10 months old when he jumped the side fence and was hit by a dad thought bringing another dog home soon after would help me-- I feel bad that for a long time I wasn't very affectionate to our new dog because I was still so sad and angry my Corky had been tragically taken away from me.

A couple years ago I thought how i should have some type of informal memorial for Corky-- I spent a rainy afternoon at a do it yourself ceramic place where you select a premade ceramic figure and then paint it. I looked all around and then saw a figure of a beagle with angel wings and Corky WAS a beagle (half Dalmatian mix which gave him those long legs to jump so high??) so I spent an hour painting it remembering him, and since nobody else was there that rainy day except the girl at the front cashier, I quietly told him that I love and miss him. A second later I felt a single large drop of water land on my cheek---I looked up and there didn't look like any leak of water --I kept sitting for a while and no there was no water leak... I believe that drop of water was Corkys way of acknowledging he knew I was creating that memorial for him- a tear? A wet doggy kiss on my cheek? I keep that dog angel figure on a dresser I can see it-- every so often I go over and touch it and tell him I love him. I was walking up to a store the other day in the parking lot an older man was walking a beagle who reminded me a lot of my Corky-- he was loveable and friendly eagerly wagging his tail and looked at me how sometimes it looks like a dog smiles at you.. i said hi buddy, and then had to bite my lip because believe it or not after all these years, I still once in a while tear up or cry when I think of how special he was to me.

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