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From: Peg
Date: Thursday, September 28, 2017 8:01 PM
To: Teresa
Subject: Re: Hi, Cath right you are when you say sometimes life gets in the way! At my age there's been a lot of interruptions, one thing after another. So many times I shut down the computer and then think oops, forgot to at least read up on what's going on in here. Then the next morning I forget all over again. Hub and I both are on a merry go round with doctors. We know Mother Nature is trying to 'reclaim' us but we fight it with every breath. Things get very depressing as well. When that happens I more or less take to my bed, read, watch TV, pray for night to come just so I can get things off my mind for a few hours at least. And then I get easily discouraged sometimes, wondering if the ADC's are in fact real or did I 'imagine' them because the alternative is too horrible to consider. Then just today Scrabble dealt out letters for me to play.....Coyhere! MY dad's name, Coy! It was like he was telling me he was right here, felt like I was floating on air!

Sounds like you have enough worry for 10 people with your family going through so much. I am amazed at your strength! I have so little as far as family goes, praying all the time I go first before having to bury anyone else.

Keep the faith, hold on tight to your precious hubby, daughter, and sister! We're a close group here, maybe not showing it all the time but I know I get strength from reading what others have experienced through ADC's. It gives us hope that one day soon we will all stand together, completely healed, grand and gloriously happy, all tears washed away forever! Grief will not be a part of our vocabulary then! I may not word things correctly but I speak from the heart when I say what a blessing this site was to me (still is) when I came across it going on 8 years ago when I was bombarded with ADC's from my mom! Boy, did she ever let me know she hadn't left me completely. And coming here to share that was such a thrill, no one condemning me by saying well, old gal, you've lost it completely now!

Big hugs and much love, Peg

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